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2016 美国 身体交换 The Swap MKV/电影下载

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译 名: 身体互换

片 名: The Swap (TV Movie 2016) 

评 分: 8.2/10 from 37 users

类 型: 喜剧

演 员: Peyton List , Jacob Bertrand , Claire Rankin , Darrin Rose 

导 演: Jay Karas

片 长: 100Min

年 代: 2016


简 介:

      Ellie O'Brien (List) is trying to juggle rhythmic gymnastics and troubles with her best friend. Meanwhile| classmate Jack Malloy (Bertrand) is struggling to live up

to his brothers' hockey-star legacies and his dad's high expectations and tough-love approach. When a text argument about whose life is easier gets out of hand|

Ellie and Jack trigger an explainable real-life swap. As each tries to navigate the other's life| hilarity ensues when Ellie (as Jack) learns about brotherly bonding

and hockey lingo| while Jack (as Ellie) has to decipher girl code and experiences a spa day. With a rhythmic gymnastics championship and a spot on the varsity hockey

team on the line| they must figure out how to get back in their own bodies before the swap becomes permanent. As they are forced to literally walk in each other's

shoes| they gain empathy for one another and learn valuable lessons about their own lives.


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