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2016 美国 美国国家航空航天局 - Synthesis - NASA Data Visutalization 4K超清下载

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When we feel The Earth beneath our feet, see it with our eyes, hear it when the 
wind blows, we perceive only the most obvious filaments of a far more complex 
place. Only with exquisite machines--spacecraft in orbit and powerful computers 
on the ground--can humanity begin to uncover the elegant nature of our complex 

Presented here are a collection of data visualizations based on observations 
gathered by a fleet of spacecraft. In various depictions we see the currents of 
the world's oceans, changes in temperature and land cover over time, and 
precipitation as it cycles energy and water around our living planet.

But The Earth is only one part of a dynamic sphere, and with its companion The 
Moon nearby, we cannot hlep but remeber that our whole planet travels in a 
wider ocean. This video presents Earth's Moon with data gathered by the 
remarkable Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, an advanced probe designed to map our 
planetary companion in unprecedented detail.

Finally, our place in space would be cold and lifeless if it were not for our 
omnipresent star, The Sun. Shining ceaselessly in the void, it bathes our home 
planet in life giving energy, and holds The Earth, The Moon, and everything 
else in the solar system in its gravitational thrall.

The data used in the creation of this video come from a wide range of 
spacecraft, all part of NASA's broader Science Mission Directorate.

Credit: Michael Starobin, Producer
All data visualizations provided by the Scientific Visualization Studio

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